Maple Landmark, Inc.

Maple Landmark factory, Middlebury Vermont

Maple Landmark, Inc.

1297 Exchange Street, Middlebury, VT 05753 800-421-4223 fax: 802-388-0761

Maple Landmark, Inc. is one of Vermont's premier businesses because they manufacture the world's best American-made wooden toys. We're pleased to say that their items have been available here since 2001! Plus, all orders are emailed directly to and drop-shipped from Maple Landmark's Middlebury, Vermont factory. We believe every child should have a safe, non-toxic wooden toy instead one made from plastic.

Company Background - Our area has a long history in the wood products industry. From the mills built by the early settlers to the furniture and novelty factories of the 1900's. It is only fitting that we combine history and local resources to continue the tradition.

Mike Rainville first came to woodworking as a hobby in the 1970's while he was in school. Working out of his parents' basement with scraps from his grandfather's carpentry projects, he duplicated household items, things like spool holders and cribbage boards. Before long friends and neighbors were asking Mike to make things and by 1979, his first wholesale relationship started. Local craft fairs also provided income and experience.

At age 15, getting lumber wasn't just a matter of borrowing a truck but a driver as well. At the time, the best selling items were cribbage and tic-tac-toe games.

After graduating Clarkson University in 1984, Mike went to work constructing a new woodshop of ample size for his now full-time business, now known as Maple Landmark Woodcraft. The choice "Maple Landmark" as the name for the business was a natural extension of the name Mike's family used for their maple sugaring business and dairy farm, Maple Landmark Homestead. His grandfather, Fletcher Brown made maple syrup for over 65 years and was always available to lend a hand.

In 1987, Mike acquired the Troll's Toy Workshop, formerly of Barnet, VT. This addition brought in many products based on the alphabet including letter cars, blocks, and signage letters. The company quickly went from Mike plus some part-time help to several full-time employees.

The product line grew and evolved over the coming years, adding items like trivets, ornaments, and our first name trains. In 1993, after many requests from retailers, the NameTrain concept was spun off into a new line that was compatible with the many wooden track systems available. In 1994, NameTrains were introduced in colors and sales soared.

Growth from these new products had Mike's building bursting at the seams by late 1994. Being located in the mountains was certainly peaceful but impractical for conducting business. It was decided to move the business into the valley, to Middlebury, our county seat and population center. A new building was built and occupied in 1996. A store was included so people could stop by, see what we do, and buy items to take with them.

Our creative abilities increased in late 1996 when we introduced laser engraving and pad printing to our production processes. The ability to add graphic designs to our products has been central to our product development ever since. All of these products and processes had a hard time fitting in our building and it was enlarged in 1999 to 15,000 square feet.

In 2001, Montgomery Schoolhouse, another long established Vermont producer wooden toys, joined the Maple Landmark family. Operations were consolidated in Middlebury. Click here for the Montgomery Schoolhouse story.

Currently Maple Landmark employs about 30 people and sells product to over 2200 gift shops and toy stores throughout the country and abroad. We thrive on the feedback and ideas of our customers, so don't be afraid tell us what you want to see.