Green Mountain State 100% Pure Maple Syrup, Quart Tin (32 oz.)

Green Mountain State 100% Pure Maple Syrup, Quart Tin (32 oz.)

Pieces Of Vermont

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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Harvest & Produced in Northern Vermont

The most economical to ship! Delivering syrup jugs is expensive, make no mistake. But this quart tin fits nicely in an affordable USPS Priority Mail Box.

Vermont maple syrup is available in four syrup grades from delicate flavor to very robust maple flavor, and must adhere strict quality standards. Syrup is graded on four characteristics: color, clarity, density, and flavor. Make not mistake, when you purchase maple syrup labeled as "Vermont maple syrup", it is of the highest quality. All syrup is taste-tested to ensure that the flavor meets all expectations for maple syrup’s characteristic deliciousness.1.

Our 100% pure & natural Vermont maple syrup is produced by a handful of small sugar houses located in Northern Vermont and then purchased by us during the spring sugaring season. The syrup is stored in drums and poured into various containers as needed throughout the year (a common practice), and is also used in the making of pure maple sugar candy.

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