Giving Green for Critters! Pure Vermont Maple Candy Gift Box

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Purchases of "Giving Green for Critters" gift boxes, filled with delicious pure Vermont maple candy critters, allow us to make donations to SAVE THE FROGS® "Red Frog Membership".

"When I was a child I remember a lot more peep frogs in the spring. After the Vermont snowpak would melt, it was common to drive by a beaver pond or lake and hear peep frogs loudly singing away. Before I moved away from the Green Mountain State it seemed like there was a lot less of that 'peeping' and it made me wonder, are our frogs in trouble?

"Now I live in Key West and the first year I remember seeing frogs on our patio, but over the years, no frogs. In fact, fewer butterflies as well. Again I gotta wonder, is the mosquito control spraying affecting the frogs? Now they're releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to control the mosquito population. Is it the RoundUp weed killer? Hmmm? What will these two methods for mosquito and weed control do to the environment long term?

"So yes, I am concerned about our frogs because they're a wonderful indicator as to the true health of our environment." - Rick Smith, PIECES OF VERMONT Owner

Each gift box contains 24 maple sugar candies shaped like small turtles and frogs (12 each). The candies are made from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. Each candy weighs approximately 0.3 oz. - a nice bite size! (Net Weight: 7.2 oz.)

The Ribbon & Custom Tag - This maple candy gift box is wrapped with a 3/8" wide green ribbon and includes our colorful "Modern" tag with green frog icons, on which is printed, "A Vermont Gift Just For You".

Gift Messaging - Inside the gift tag we'll carefully hand-write your gift message. You can include a gift message for each item individually on each product page, or a gift message that applies to the entire order during CHECKOUT.

Keeping the candy fresh - Our maple candy is made in small batches and shipped fresh with a 6 week shelf life, after which the candy is still eatable, but simply starts to harden. You can extend the shelf life by refrigerating the candy in a Zip Lock bag.

**Made in a facility that also produces products that contain; peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and wheat

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