Grade B Maple Syrup (aka Dark Color with Robust Taste)

According to the Vermont grading system Grade B Maple Syrup, along with Grade A Dark Amber or Grade A Extra Dark Amber, is described as "Grade A" pure maple syrup Dark Color with Robust Taste. But because this maple syrup grade is so widely known as "Grade B", we have elected to keep a category of its' own. Grade B syrup should never be confused as inferior syrup. We think this is perhaps why the State of Vermont elected to change the nomenclature. Grade B syrup is delicious and widely popular. There is "Grade C: Commercial" maple syrup but it is not for retail and only suitable as an ingredient in food products. No worries though, Grade B (Again, now known as "Dark Color with Robust Taste") has all the intense flavor you'll require.

Grade B syrup is produced at the end of the maple sugaring season in late March into early April. This syrup flavor is the ideal choice for cooking and is used to make traditional Vermont baked beans, breads, cookies, beverages, and main dishes from beef stew to maple glazed chicken kebabs.