Pure Maple Cream & Granulated Maple Sugar

It's starts with maple sap...

It takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make just one gallon of pure maple syrup, which in turn is further boiled to make pure maple cream, also known as maple spread. Considering that maple sap is harvested in rural woods that are often still heavy with spring snowpack that hasn't melted yet, it's easy to understand how producing maple products, and especially 100% pure maple cream, is very time-consuming, labor intensive, and expensive. But, producing maple cream is indeed a Vermont tradition and once you've tried a spoonful we're certain you'll want to make it part of your breakfast options. Pure, natural, and delicious!

And it's important to note, Maple Cream is not Maple Butter. Maple cream is pure maple. Maple butter is a blend. We only offer 100% pure maple cream!

What is pure maple sugar? OMG !! It's 1000 times better than any other table sugar, and healthier also, with trace minerals. Best of all, you only need a small amount of granulated maple sugar in morning coffee or recipes to bring that morning cup or favorite dinner to a new level.