Clean Burn Pure Maple Syrup SOY CANDLE

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Delicious Maple Scent that burns clean for days

We sell two products that are Made in Canada, the hard maple leaf candies and this maple scented soy candle. Both are outstanding and very popular items. This nostalgic can is 18.26 oz. (540ml) for a long burn time. The candle also has a wooden, non-toxic wick. Each artisan wick is made of natural wood, using "good forestry" practices. Listen to the crackling sound of a fireplace when the candle is lit. The keepsake can is decorative and can be refilled with traditional wax and wick after the maple soy wax is used up. Makes a great gift, especially for people who don't like the chemicals often associated with store-bought candles and air fresheners.

Ingredients: Soy wax, Phthalates Free

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