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Start the day off right, with Speeders Coffee!

A 12-piece package of hard maple candy leafs is hidden under the coffee - SURPRISE! And the maple cream, that's for your toast or English muffin. After all, what is morning coffee without a muffin or toast? And the syrup, well that's for your next coffee that doesn't have maple flavor. Just add a tsp. and still... delicious!

The forest green gift box with clear lid and decorative gift box shred includes...

Each hard maple candy measures 1" wide x 1" tall x 5/16" thick. 1/4 (0.23 oz.) each. Ingredients - pure maple syrup, glucose, sucrose. In other words, maple syrup and corn syrup.

The Gold Elastic Band & Custom Tag - This gift box is wrapped with a gold elastic band, secured shut with specialty clear tape, and includes our colorful gift tag, on which is printed, "A Vermont Gift Just For You". Each gift box is then re-packaged for delivery in a Medium Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail shipping box for quick delivery.

Gift Messaging - Inside the gift tag we'll carefully hand-write your gift message. You can include a gift message for each item individually on each product page, or a gift message that applies to the entire order during CHECKOUT.

Shipping Note: This gift box is designed to ship separately in the most economical delivery box. If multiple gift boxes are ordered to the same address, additional delivery charges may be required.

"This is my personal favorite gift box because I'm a HUGE coffee drinker, and Speeders is outstanding! If you like your coffee sweet, add some maple syrup. If you like your coffee stronger, simply don't add anything but creamer or milk. It's delicious!" - Rick, PIECES OF VERMONT Owner

Please Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children ages 5 and younger should not be given hard candies.1. For safety, we suggest that hard maple candies and sugar coated nuts (such as the ones sold on this website) not be given to children under the age of 6 and children 6 years and older should be supervised while eating hard candies or nuts.

Source: 1. www.huffingtonpost.com

**Made in a facility that also produces products that contain; peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and wheat.

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