Speeder & Earl's Maple French Roast Coffee, 12 oz. pkg.

Pieces Of Vermont

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Speeder & Earl's roasts all their ground coffee in small batches and they take the time to educate their customers about the subtle flavor nuances and refrigeration tips for storing both ground coffee and arabica beans. Safe to say, they have a passion for exceptional coffee! For example: Did you know that freezing your coffee bag is good, but for best freshness results, also put the coffee bag into a sealed container to protect the internal moisture in the beans or ground coffee. This family owned business opened for business in 1993 and has brewed thousands of lattes over the past decade. They know coffee!
GROUND 12 oz. pkg.

"Most of us drink a lot of coffee. Nothing new there. I do too. But, I will say without question that Speeder & Earl's Coffee is exceptional. At first I was unsure because so many Vermont specialty foods businesses come and go, but once I tried their coffee I knew right away... This is good stuff! And as always, I use maple syrup to sweeten my coffee. It's just better for you. Oh! And if you want a great giftable combination, combine Speeders' with Runamok Cinnamon Vanilla Infused Syrup... Soooo good!" - Rick, PIECES OF VERMONT Owner

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