Backyard BBQ Rub, 2 oz. - For 1 lb. of chicken, pork, or beef

Pieces Of Vermont

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Vermont Maple Grill Glaze

Recipe included. Seasons 1 lb. of chicken, pork, or beef. Simply rinse meat under cold water, pat dry with paper towels. Add meat to a Ziplock bag, sprinkle meat with 1 Tbsp. of Maple Glaze Seasoning, toss to coat. Let meat sit at least 1 hour before grilling or baking. Grill, broil, or bake to correct internal temperature. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Ingredients - Sugar, Maple Sugar, Light Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Salt, Spices (Including Red Pepper), Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Parsley, Extracts of Paprika, Acetic Acid, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Paprika, Nutmeg, Ground Ginger, Thyme. Net Wt. 2 oz.

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"This is a wonderful spice package for barbecuing, but also to make a dip with." - Rick, PIECES OF VERMONT Owner

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