Grafton Village Cheese Co. 1-Year Aged Cheddar Cheese, 4 oz. bar

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The BEST CHEESE in Vermont, bar none!

Aged for approximately one year and sealed with red wax, Grafton's Premium Cheddar delivers the flavor and richness you would expect from an exceptional Vermont cheese. When cooking with Premium Cheddar, use low heat and slow cooking for best flavor. With a little patience and avoiding high heat the cheddar will melt to a creamy smoothness, adding its' distinctive flavor to any dish in which it is used. Wanna be a Yankee? Have a slab of cheddar with a slice of homemade hot apple pie, for breakfast! Vermonters have enjoyed this unusual start to the day for generations. It's tradition. 4 oz. bar

"As the owner PIECES OF VERMONT, and because I grew up in Grafton Vermont, I can attest to the quality of this cheese first hand. It's our GO TO cheddar for everything from breakfast omelettes to twice-baked potatoes and mac & cheese." - Rick, Owner

About Grafton Village Cheese - Making Vermont cheese has long been a Vermonter tradition. Dairy cows grazing in rugged mountain pastures are a familiar sight throughout the state, and the milk they produce is one of Vermont's natural treasures, used to make some of the world's best cheddar cheese. The quaint, historic village of Grafton, Vermont is the setting for a unique cheddar company. Cheese-making traditions in this village date back to the 19th century. Today, a commitment to exceptional quality of taste and flavor are the reputation of Grafton's award-winning cheeses.

Grafton cheese is handcrafted and made in small batches from the milk of Jersey cows that graze on several Vermont farms. These artisanal cheeses are free of chemical additives, synthetic growth hormones or preservatives. The milk is delicately handled and made into cheese by Grafton's artisan cheese-makers within 10-13 hours of having been delivered fresh from the farm. The natural aging of Grafton cheese, along with the high protein and butterfat from the milk used, give each cheese an exceptionally creamy and robust flavor.

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