Happy Halloween Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Nip, 1.7 oz. bottle

Happy Halloween Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Nip, 1.7 oz. bottle

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Shown here with our Pumpkin Maple Candy

Most of the time when you think of Halloween treats you think of chocolate candies, or in our case the healthier alternative, pure & natural Vermont maple sugar candies. But what about "liquid candy," that you can sip? After all, pure Vermont maple candies are made from pure Vermont maple syrup. So why not offer those "Ghouls & Goblins" when they arrive at your door this year, something different - pure maple syrup to sip? Each 1.7 oz. syrup nip is filled with 100% pure Grade A Medium Amber Vermont maple syrup, produced in Northern Vermont. Just the right amount for sipping! Sweet and natural, just as Mother Nature intended it to be. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

The maple syrup can be enjoyed during your Halloween party, poured over an ice cream dessert, in coffee, or simply to sip. Or, your "Trick or Treaters" can take the nip bottle home to enjoy with pancakes, waffles, or French toast... Ah! Delicious!

This syrup, that was formerly called "Grade A Medium Amber" or simply "Medium Amber", and has the perfect "middle of the road" maple flavor (not too delicate, yet not too strong either), is now referred to as "Grade A: Amber Color with Rich Taste". Works for us!

Included with each syrup nip bottle is our custom Halloween pumpkins gift tag, on which says "A Vermont Gift Just for You". And lastly, the gift tag is tide with a bright orange ribbon. Perfect!

Gift Messaging - Inside the gift tag we'll hand-write your gift message. You can include a gift message for each item individually on each product page, or a gift message that applies to the entire order during CHECKOUT.

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