Vermont All Purpose Country Seasoning - ALL NATURAL, 5 oz.

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Perhaps Vermont's best-kept secret, and a HUGE customer favorite!

Made by Vermont Upcountry Foods, 7th Generation descendants of early Vermont Settlers, this ALL NATURAL home-style seasoning perks up the flavor of meats, fish, salads, breads, eggs (see below), and vegetables. Liberally sprinkle the seasoning on meats before broiling or barbecuing. When broiling fish & chicken, moisten both sides with fresh lime juice and sprinkle on seasoning, then dot with butter. For bread, use in place of salt. With vegetables, use on hard to season veggies for a rich delicious flavor. And lastly, at the table sprinkle on all foods in place of salt & pepper for a fine ground smooth subtle flavoring. 5 oz. shaker container

Ingredients - A proprietary blend of; Salt, Eight Select Herbs & Spices.

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Omelette success, years in the making!
For years I've (Rick, POVT Owner) made a baked veggie omelette for Saturday morning breakfast using 4 eggs, a little milk, and loaded with fresh chopped sweet white onion, garlic, mushrooms, and green bell peppers. One problem though. As much as I love green bell peppers, in an omelette they tend to make the overall flavor of the omelette a bit bland. And I've tried adding oregano, cayenne pepper and other seasonings, but the bell always wins out, until now! When it was suggested that I add "Vermont All Purpose Country Seasoning" to PIECES OF VERMONT I first thought, "We've tried spices before and they weren't very popular. After all, there are so many spice options in the supermarkets these days." But, I told our merchant, "Send me one and I'll try it. You never know." And try it I did! In my Saturday omelette it went, and WOW!! Surprisingly the spice didn't overpower the dish, but it did spice up the bland task of the green bell pepper, just like the label said... "Perks up the flavor of vegetables." I was sold! I will be testing this spice in other recipes soon, so please stay tuned.

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