Maple Pepper w/ GARLIC, made with 100% Pure Maple Sugar, 2.6 oz.

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The "Go To" seasoning for burgers, poultry, and steak.

The Original Maple Pepper is elevated with the addition of garlic, making it the "go to" for burgers, poultry, and steak. Ideal for barbecue shish kabobs and burgers in particular. If the recipe calls for pepper and garlic, then this is the seasoning to reach for, especially if the dish requires a little sweetness. The sweetness of maple just makes it better! Add it to your corn-on-the-cob or mashed potatoes and you can't go wrong. 2.6 oz. glass jar

Ingredients - 100% pure maple sugar, sea salt, black pepper, citric acid, garlic, corn starch and other natural ingredients. Contains no MSG.

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