Rick's Vermont Natural Maple Bacon BBQ SAUCE, 12 oz. bottle

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A Sweet and Tangy GMO-free Sauce made with Maple Bacon & Syrup - Customer Favorite & by far BEST SELLER

If you like to barbecue at home, and you like to eat healthy, this Maple Barbecue Sauce from Rick's Vermont Kitchen is the sauce for you! A small family-owned and operated company in northern Vermont is creating healthy, handcrafted, GMO-free products. They source the highest quality fresh ingredients and craft this delicious sauce in small batches. The savory flavor will satisfy your taste buds and inspire you to fire up the grill (or toaster oven, as we do) and prepare a healthy and gourmet meal at home. Wonderful not only for BBQing ribs and chicken, but also as a dipping sauce. Or, the sauce can also be used to prepare pulled pork or pulled chicken hoagie sandwiches. We even use the sauce like mayonnaise, spreading it on hot turkey sandwiches. The bacon flavor elevates the sauce to a new level of delicious. YUM! 12 oz. bottle


Ingredients - Tomato concentrate, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, mustard, brown sugar, canola oil, bacon flavoring (soy/milk), red pepper flkes, cayenne pepper sauce. Certified Gluten Free.

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"Over the years we've offered other Vermont-made BBQ sauces and dressings, but we finally settled on essentially just three. Rick's (no relation to myself) original Maple BBQ Sauce, Rick's Maple Bacon Barbecue Sauce (shown here), and Vermont Epicurean Maple Teriyaki Sauce. They are just that good!! When I make my baby back ribs, this sauce is the last step before perfection." - Rick, PIECES OF VERMONT Owner

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