Bulk Pure Maple Sugar Candy Large Maple MOOSE, 1.5 oz. ea.

Bulk Pure Maple Sugar Candy Large Maple MOOSE, 1.5 oz. ea.

Pieces Of Vermont

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The moose. What a cool animal!

Please Note: Minimum order quantity of 24 pieces required for bulk pricing. Lesser quantities are subject to re-bill at full retail price prior to shipment.

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There's moose in them there hills ! Absolutely. In northern Vermont it's not uncommon to see a moose. And now, they're seen throughout the state as south as the Massachusetts border. This candy celebrates such as cool creature. HUGE, yet they are gentle giants of the forest.

These melt-in-your-mouth maple sugar candies are so delicious and just as you would expect, made from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup, produced in small batches by small northern Vermont sugar-houses. If your not completely satisfied with the maple candy you receive, your entire order is FREE! That's our quality guarantee. We have been offering maple candy in bulk for over 10 years now.

Each large moose is 1.50 oz. of candy and measures 2-1/2" wide x 2-5/8" tall x 5/8" thick.

What is "bulk pricing"? Simple. Online/website bulk maple sugar candy pricing is in between Wholesale Pricing and general retail "in store" pricing. These same moose-shaped candies sell for $3.75 each in our store and $2.16 each to our wholesale accounts. So when you purchase volume amounts on our website, we lower the Retail Price without undercutting our Wholesale customers. And if you want to SAVE MORE...

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Keeping the candy fresh - Our maple candy is made in small batches and shipped fresh with a 6 week shelf life, after which the candy is still eatable, but simply starts to harden. You can extend the shelf life by refrigerating the candy in a Zip Lock bag.

**Made in a facility that also produces products that contain; peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and wheat.

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