Small Glass Log Cabin (1.75 oz.) Bottle - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Pieces Of Vermont

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Limited supply. Glass syrup bottles in unique shapes have been difficult to come by over the past few years, and the Log Cabin is definitely one of them. The large 16 oz. bottle is probably gone forever, but this smaller 1.75 oz. bottle is "hit or miss". Sometimes we can find it and secure a small supply, and sometimes the bottle isn't available and we have to wait. Currently we have this small batch. Order this cute syrup bottle today and you can enjoy refilling it for years to come!

Each bottle is filled with 100% pure Amber with Rich Taste Vermont maple syrup. Shown here with our maple cotton candy display.

Bottle measures approximately 2-1/2" tall x 2-1/2" wide x 2" tall.

Amber Color with its' Rich Taste is the middle of the road syrup grade, and by far the most widely purchased maple syrup grade. An all-round syrup that can handle everything from breakfast recipes to cocktail enhancer.

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