Pure Maple Syrup Quart Can, MADE IN AMERICA, Quart Tin (32 oz.) - Dark Color with Robust Taste

Pure Maple Syrup Quart Can, MADE IN AMERICA, Quart Tin (32 oz.) - Dark Color with Robust Taste

Pieces Of Vermont

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In light of recent events, this syrup tin has become extremely popular, so please be sure to order early if you're intending for this item to be a holiday gift.

Now of course ALL the maple syrup we sell is 100% pure Vermont maple syrup, but we named this tin "MADE IN AMERICA" because of the USA flag on the front. Though the trend is towards plastic jugs (cheaper to ship) and glass (better for the environment), we still wanted to offer our customers a couple tin container options as well. After all, tin containers were used for generations, long before plastic became the de facto container option. Plus, this maple syrup container ships quite nicely.

From the maple tree to the sugar house to your breakfast table, our pure & natural Grade B syrup (aka "Dark Color with Robust Taste") offers the purity and quality that you expect. But maple syrup isn't just for pancakes, there are a lot of great recipes that can easily be found online. We use maple syrup to sweeten our morning coffee, and at least once a week we use maple syrup as an ingredient in dinner entrees such as baked salmon.

Our 100% pure & natural Vermont Dark Color with Robust Taste maple syrup is produced by a handful of small sugar houses located in Northern Vermont and then purchased by us during the spring sugaring season. The syrup is stored in drums and poured into various containers as needed throughout the year (a common practice), and is also used in the making of pure maple sugar candy.

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